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Marty’s Fat Loss 101


When your goal is to lose weight. There are eight main things you should know about fat loss & Nutrition.   A sustainable transformation takes time, consistency, and effort.   1. Set a realistic fat loss goal Trying to lose 5kgs each week is going to do nothing but set you up for a world of disappointment, not to mentions lots of metabolic issues. Unlike the what the TV and magazine ads for magic fat … Continue reading “Marty’s Fat Loss 101”

Apr 15 2017 / by Marty /

Constructing your dream meal plan


​ Once you have your calories & Macros Set, the next step is to design a meal plan that includes specific foods in appropriate portion sizes which satisfy your macro-nutritional requirements. Step 1: Distribute your Macros Firstly we just need to decide how many meals you would like to consume each day?

How you choose to distribute your macros throughout your day is completely up to you and your personal preference.  There are a millions of … Continue reading “Constructing your dream meal plan”

Apr 22 2017 / by Marty /

Fighting Fatigue & Improving your Energy


Everything You Need to Know About Fatigue Fighting   How to Improve recovery Have more energy Get better Results   1. Sleep This is the most important factor in figuring off fatigue. It’s literally more important then all the other factors combined. However, we never prioritise it. Studies show that chronic lack of sleep doesn’t just reduce recovery & performance in the gym & cognitive tasks, it also leads to elevated cortisol, reduced testosterone & weight … Continue reading “Fighting Fatigue & Improving your Energy”

Jun 01 2017 / by Marty /

How to Set up the Ultimate Workout routine for YOU


It all starts with Strength training – which has  two components Compounds & accessory Compound are your main focus and deliver the best results, 80 % of your programming comes from these exercises. The most effective exercise are: Squats Deadlifts Pull ups, chin ups Bench press, shoulder press Lunges, split squats Dumbbell or body weight row Now then we have accessory or isolation exercises. The main goal of these exercises is to develop weak muscle to … Continue reading “How to Set up the Ultimate Workout routine for YOU”

Jul 05 2017 / by Marty /

So what are these Micronutrients?


Micronutrients are different to macronutrients as they are the smaller molecular components, we simply know as vitamins & minerals.   As humans, these are only needed in very small amounts. However, they are critical to human health & perform many tasks from optimisation of physical & mental functioning, gut health, metabolic processes & even prevention and treatment of various diseases and conditions.   Many of the micronutrients are essential meaning our bodies don’t make them, so … Continue reading “So what are these Micronutrients?”

Apr 14 2017 / by Marty /

How To Build Muscle 101


IMPORTANT You’re going to want to take notes 📝 Because I’m about to explain all the most important factors when trying to build LEAN MUSCLE. By understanding the science principals behind HOW to build muscle (because there is no secret), you will be able to implement them to see better results than you ever have before, even those stubborn muscle that used to refuse to grow. Remember muscles are the same whether it’s your pecs, … Continue reading “How To Build Muscle 101”

Apr 09 2017 / by Marty /

How to Get Abs 101. The What, How & When


Today I wanna talk about the WHAT, HOW & WHEN you should eat, if you want to “shred the fat” around your stomach and get those 6-pack abs.     Some People may think that the goal of obtaining abs is vain or egotistic. I disagree, I think society has put much emphasis on abs being standard at which many people which it obtains. After working with hundreds – of people just like you and, … Continue reading “How to Get Abs 101. The What, How & When”

Jan 28 2017 / by Marty /

Mental Benfits Of Lifting


1. FOCUS to perform exercises near the limits of your ability requires complete concentration. It forces you to eliminate distractions and be in the moment. To ensure your movements are pristine and energy is focused In the right muscle, while bracing your core. 2. Self discipline building muscle takes time, lots of it! It forces you to be patient & committed. It takes athletes decades to reach peak potential & building a healthy physique can … Continue reading “Mental Benfits Of Lifting”

Apr 11 2017 / by Marty /

10 Commandments for better sleep


We all know sleep is vital to optimal brain & physical performance, not to mention aids in fat loss and helps keep blood sugar levels stable. But sometimes getting that 8 hours isn’t so simple, I know for myself it’s not! So here’s 10 sleep hacks/ tips to help get to sleep and improve the quality of those 💤 1. Consistency- keep a regular sleep schedule. Our bodies have a process called circadian rhythms or … Continue reading “10 Commandments for better sleep”

Apr 11 2017 / by Marty /

The 7 silver bullets for Fat Loss


1. INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN Protein has the highest thermogenic effect of all the macronutrients. This means that breaking down and utilising protein requires a lot of energy. Approximately 20-30% to be exact. That means for every 100 flakes of protein you consume, 20-30 calorie is used just to digest it. In contrast thermic effect of carbohydrates is 5% and fats are even less. By increasing your protein intake and reducing your carbohydrates and fats, you … Continue reading “The 7 silver bullets for Fat Loss”

Apr 09 2017 / by Marty /

S.M.A.R.T Goals


  Many of you probably have some intention of setting goals to achieve in 2017. Now according to studies the goal to “lose weight.” Is the most popular New Years goal. Unfortunately around 43% of people ever achieve that goal and less than 7% maintain that after 6 months. Now we see it every year; January comes around, and the gyms are flooded with new faces eager to achieve their goals. Trolleys are stocked to … Continue reading “S.M.A.R.T Goals”

Dec 31 2016 / by Marty /

Ultimate Squat Guide


So first things first, before I give you the program we need to address form and the mistakes you’re probably making.     Knees Caving Inward This is due to weak or inactive glutes. Tight adductors can also be a contributor. Glute activation drills such as glute bridges, bird dogs or hip thrusts can help to strengthen the glutes.     Not Hitting Depth There is no reason not to squat to full depth unless you lack … Continue reading “Ultimate Squat Guide”

Mar 05 2017 / by Marty /

7 TIPS to Dramatically Increase your Results


With no further ado, here they are   1. Strength = Shredded When looking to shed body fat, you should focus on lifting weights, not cardio. Remember that every kg of muscle tissue on your body increases your metabolism as its  ACTIVE, even while you sit here reading this email it needs energy just to be maintained. Whereas, cardio only burns energy while you do it, not all day long. 2. Compound movements Focus solely on … Continue reading “7 TIPS to Dramatically Increase your Results”

Mar 03 2017 / by Marty /

7 secrets to stave off hunger


1) Liquid Nutrition   Many times we mistake hunger for thirst or simply just the stretch response signal of an empty stomach. By utilising low or no calorie liquids such as black coffee, soda water or just plain old water we can hydrate our body and trick ourselves into thinking we are full. Not only that but my SECRET weapon for clients is protein shakes as is a tool to not only fill you up … Continue reading “7 secrets to stave off hunger”

Feb 25 2017 / by Marty /

The 7 mistakes fitness enthusiasts make!


In my time in the fitness industry, I’ve seen numerous about of people FAIL to make any noticeable change in their appearance despite putting in all their time and effort. Seriously, the number of times I see someone work so hard they crawl out the gym day after day. Only to look the same 6 months later. To have a trainer yell at them for 5 more burpees for months on end and see no … Continue reading “The 7 mistakes fitness enthusiasts make!”

Feb 18 2017 / by Marty /

Optimal Training Protocol DUP


The key to building muscle and getting stronger Your muscles won’t grow unless you give them a reason to! FOCUS on improving strength on your big compound lifts and your muscles have no choice to get BIGGER Too often guys just go to the gym, train whatever they feel like, focusing on getting that pump, feeling a burn. Using soreness the next day as an indicator of a good workout. This couldn’t be more WRONG! … Continue reading “Optimal Training Protocol DUP”

Oct 30 2016 / by Marty /



can’t fight the science I find it interesting that many people like to create hype by arguing against the energy balance equation If you’re not familiar with the first law of thermodynamics it states energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred. Okay your wondering What the hell does that mean to me…Marty? Well Simply put Energy In – Energy Out = Weight Gain/Loss Or even simpler Food in – Exercise and movement = change … Continue reading “CALORIES MATTER”

Jan 14 2017 / by Marty /

5 tips to optimise your gym time in 2017


1. Weights first then cardio! The goal of weight training is to stimulate as many muscle as possible, with as much weight as possible, this is going to take a lot of energy. The goal of cardio is to burn off excess energy(fat). It’s illogical to do cardio first soon as you think if it this way.   2. Start with compound movements then finish with isolation. Compound movements are those that work more than … Continue reading “5 tips to optimise your gym time in 2017”

Jan 20 2017 / by Marty /

Secrets to why diet protocols achieve Fat loss !


I’m tired of seeing people get so attached to a certain meal protocol in hopes of miracle fat loss, just because of some fancy marketing hype or bro myth. So here’s a few popular diets and breakdown why they work. LOW OR NO CARB DIETS Hype/BS: – eating carbs release insulin, so removing them keeps you in a fat burning zone – Carbohydrates are evil and are not needed. – If you eat more fat, … Continue reading “Secrets to why diet protocols achieve Fat loss !”

Feb 04 2017 / by Marty /

Myth Busting


The number and times of the meals you choose to eat each day does not determine the amount of calories you burn. Whether you choose to eat breakfast or not, eat 5 minutes after your workout, right before bed. It does not matter. Eat whenever you want to.   “But doesn’t eating every 2-3 hours, 6-8 small meals keep my metabolism burning red hot?”   Nope.  Sorry, bro science. This is a common misconception because … Continue reading “Myth Busting”

Feb 05 2017 / by Marty /

How to be a real hero!


  Many of us have heroes or idols in our lives today. Be that Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor or Batman. They all have amazing physical appearances.   But that’s not why we value them.   However, unfortunately, we live in a society where vanity gets so much attention. Where people place so much self-worth in their body image.   It’s become the world where half naked photos and photoshopped pictures are the norms. We are … Continue reading “How to be a real hero!”

Jan 10 2017 / by Marty /

Flexible guide to Eating out


Okay before get going here let me share with you guys, I’ve been at either end of the spectrum. And They both suck. I’ve been so strict with myself, that even over Christmas you could call me the Grinch. I would eat nothing but turkey breast and veggies for lunch and have very minuscule serving of pavlova and ice cream because I didn’t want to ruin any progress. When I would go out with mates, … Continue reading “Flexible guide to Eating out”

Jan 08 2017 / by Marty /

Festival Eating Guide


It must be that time of your again. Decorations everywhere, carols and I was forced to watch love actually again. (It’s not bad to be honest) So in the very famous words of Billy Mack “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling grows!” Yep – it’s that time of year again. Where we all shower our loved ones with gifts, that … Continue reading “Festival Eating Guide”

Dec 20 2016 / by Marty /

Hierarchy of Nutrition


Fasted cardio, carbohydrates, Meal timing, fibre, protein, fasting, detoxes, cleansing, sugar, supplements, the list goes on and on. How the hell are you meant to know what important and what’s not? What to focus on to see real results. You have to look at the bigger picture. That’s why I teach my clients the order of adherence. It’s simple the most important aspects we address first, then as we move down the list they become … Continue reading “Hierarchy of Nutrition”

Dec 06 2016 / by Marty /

The Real Issue


STOP & THINK Weight loss, fat loss, toning up … none of these are the real issue. The real issue is what repercussions the weight has on your mindset, your life and your enjoyment. MOST of all, what the weight does to your self image. It makes you feel unhappy and depressed and you begin to lose self confidence. You start to resent yourself. You’ve tried to change it before with diet and exercise. You’ve … Continue reading “The Real Issue”

Oct 24 2016 / by Marty /

Why I Choose to help


​ I’ve always Loved helping people achieve their goals, no matter how large or small. Over the years I have grown, I consider myself as more than just a Personal Training. Besides helping with nutrition, I feel more of an overall life coach to most of my dedicated clients. I believe it’s far more of a mental battle and setting up the right habits and beliefs, to obtain an overall healthy lifestyle . I find … Continue reading “Why I Choose to help”

Oct 02 2016 / by Marty /



It’s unavailable when dieting, eventually our caloric intake will get to the point that you get the munchies. Doesn’t matter how high you start your intake at, hormonal adaptions are going to make you want more FOOD!! – Don’t worry, I got you covered Here are some tips I use to stay on track when times get tough. ✅ Eat more veggies. They are he best VOLUME FOOD around. What’s that mean? They are super … Continue reading “Hunger!!!!”

Sep 02 2016 / by Marty /

Shortcuts lead you to disappointment


Why shortcuts get you fatter  As you’ve probably experienced yourself, loosing weight isn’t rocket science. Eat less junk, follow a generic meal plan & no more cookies before bed and PRESTO you drop a few kilograms. You have made some progress to the body you have always wanted  Now this keeps working….  Until it doesn’t, or your motivation wears off & temptation sits in. Before you know it you ate the whole pizza. But it’s … Continue reading “Shortcuts lead you to disappointment”

Aug 21 2016 / by Marty /

Why Fitness really matters!


The admiration we have for idols be it Thor or Wonderwoman, is based not on their physique but rather on who they are.

Aug 16 2016 / by Marty /

Why eating healthy doesn’t work


“I don’t understand why the scale isn’t moving , I eat healthily.”

“I don’t eat junk food. Just the healthy things and nothing processed.”

Aug 15 2016 / by Marty /

Cadio and fat loss


I used to do fasted hill sprints every morning, thinking it would help me burn more fat.
I would try and limit my sugar and carbs to avoid insulin spikes cause we all know that makes you fat.

  • But let’s just see how much of a role cardio plays in the fat loss process…
  • Aug 13 2016 / by Marty /

    Why I do what I do


    I used to do fasted hill sprints every morning, thinking it would help me burn more fat. I would try and limit my sugar and carbs to avoid insulin spikes cause we all know that makes you fat.

    Aug 13 2016 / by Marty /